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DMZ - Music Artist Band Bio


Formed in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, DMZ were one of the city's premier punk attractions. Leader/vocalist/organist Mono Mann (aka Jeff Conolly) combined a love of 60s garage bands (Seeds, Music Machine) with an equal interest in Iggy Pop. The group's debut EP was issued on Bomp Records in 1977. It revealed an urgent confidence in which Mann successfully re-created the atmosphere of his idols, notably on a version of the Thirteenth Floor Elevators' "You're Gonna Miss Me". The set, produced by Craig Leon, was later compiled with previously unissued material to create Relics. By contrast DMZ was a disappointment. Producers Flo And Eddie failed to translate the group's enthusiasm into a coherent sound. DMZ split up in 1979, after which Mann/Conolly formed the similarly-influenced Lyres.

DMZ (Sire 1978)**, Relics (Voxx 1981)***, DMZ! Live At Barnabys!! 1978!! (Crypt 1986)***.

Source: Encyclopedia of Popular Music

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Live At The Rat '76/'93 *


When I Get Off

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