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Bob Kuban - Music Artist Band Bio


This eight-piece rock 'n' roll band came from St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The members were Bob Kuban (Born August 1940, St. Louis, Missouri, USA; drums), Walter Scott (Born Walter S. Notheis, Jnr., 7 February 1943; lead vocals), John Michael Krenski (bass), Greg Hoeltzel, (keyboards), Roy Schult (guitar), Skip Weisser (trombone), Harry Simon (saxophone), and Pat Hixon (trumpet). Bob Kuban And The In-Man were a classic one-hit-wonder Top 40 group, with "The Cheater", which reached number 12 in the US pop charts in 1966. Also in 1966, the group scraped the bottom of the charts with two follow-ups, "The Teaser" (number 70) and a cover of the Beatles' "Drive My Car" (number 93). "The Cheater" had something of a blue-eyed soul flavour with the vibrant horn arrangements and Scott's almost black vocal approach. The In-Men were formed in 1964 and made their first record in 1965. Scott left the group in 1967. He had planned to rejoin the In-Men in 1983, but he was murdered by his wife and her lover, which rendered ironical his success with "The Cheater" and its hook-line "look out for the cheater". Kuban continued to perform in St. Louis for weddings and other social affairs with his band, the Bob Kuban Brass.

featuring various Bob Kuban groups Look Out For The Cheater (1966)***, The Bob Kuban Explosion (1966)***, Get Ready For Some Rock & Soul (1975)**.

Look Out For The Cheater (Collectables 1996)***. Solo: Walter Scott Great Scott (1967)***, Walter Scott (1970)**.

Source: Encyclopedia of Popular Music

We currently have no album discography info for the artist Bob Kuban

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