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Marty Brown - Music Artist Band Bio


Born 25 July 1965, Owensboro, Kentucky, USA. The 90s country singer Marty Brown is a hillbilly and proud of it, saying, "I went to New York City once and I felt I ought to have a passport." On record he sounds like Hank Williams, while Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers are also strong influences. Marty Brown arrived in Nashville with a demo tape and accosted Barry Beckett with the words: "I know you, I've seen you in a video.' He visited a succession of shopping malls for a promotional tour, driving to each of them in a 1969 Cadillac. The third album, Cryin', Lovin', Leavin", features guest appearances from Melba Montgomery and Joy Lynn White, but, despite being a good writer, he has still to have a substantial country hit. He was signed to the Californian Hightone label in 1996, releasing the highly accessible Here's To The Honky Tonks.

High And Dry (MCA 1991)***, Wild Kentucky Skies (MCA 1993)***, Cryin', Lovin', Leavin' (MCA 1994)****, Here's To The Honky Tonks (Hightone 1996)***.

Source: Encyclopedia of Popular Music

Music Albums

Here's To The Honky Tonks *

Cryin', Lovin', Leavin'
MCA Records

High And Dry
MCA Records

Wild Kentucky Skies
MCA Records

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