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Impaled Nazarene - Music Artist Band Bio


A Finnish black metal band which has attracted enormous amounts of controversy since its formation in 1990, Impaled Nazarene are nonetheless much loved by the metal press for their visceral live shows, their ever-changing approach and the sense of humour in their records.

The band was formed in November 1990 by Mika Luttinen (Born 2 March 1971, Oulu, Finland; vocals), Kimmo Luttinen (drums), Mika P„„kk” (guitar), Ari Holappa (guitar) and Antti Pihkala (bass). Their first recording was the following February's Shemhamforash tape. Pihkala was replaced by Harri Halonen on the subsequent Taog Eht Fo Htao Eht (the title makes more sense when read backwards). The Goat Perversion EP appeared on an independent Italian label and was the last recording to feature Holappa and Halonen. The remaining trio agreed a multiple album recording contract with the French Osmose label (allegedly signed in their own blood). Further personnel upheaval saw the departure of P„„kk” and the recruitment of Taneli Jarva (bass) and Jarno Anttila (Born 25 July 1973, Oulu, Finland; guitar). In 1993 Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz (said to translate to Everyone Shall Be Numbered Six Six Six in the ancient Enochian language) was released and, to the surprise of both band and label, entered the Finnish charts at number 40.

Impaled Nazarene have always been at the centre of various confrontations. In 1994 they caused a row when a song, "Total War - Winter War", was labelled unacceptable by a Parisian youth movement and various French shops were obliged to withdraw Impaled Nazarene albums, while two years later one of the band's shows in the capital had no power for 50 minutes as a result of sabotage by the aforementioned youth organization. The controversy surrounding the band has even extended as far as Wollongong in Australia, when a gig was cancelled after pressure from parental groups. Meanwhile, the band claims to have been shadowed by French secret police on a tour in 2000 after the release of Nihil, which featured a typically graphic sleeve.

Despite all this Impaled Nazarene celebrated 10 years in the business in 2000 and renewed its contract with Osmose. Further personnel changes in the previous years included Reima Kellokoski (Born 8 August 1974, Uleaborg, Finland) replacing Kimmo Luttinen in August 1995 and Jani Lehtosaari taking over from Jarva at the start of the following year. Guitarist Alexi Laiho played intermittently with the band between 1998 and 2000, and in the same year Lehtosaari left to concentrate on running his own record label. Teemu Raimoranta (Born 19 May 1977, Finland; guitar) and Mikael Arnkil (Born 26 February 1972, Helsinki, Finland; bass) were recruited to complete the new line-up, who recorded 2001's Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace. Tragically, Raimoranta died in March 2003 of injuries sustained when falling from a bridge in Helsinki. He was replaced by Tuomo Louhio on the same year's All That You Fear.

Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz (Osmose 1992)***, Ugra-Karma (Osmose 1993)***, Suomi Finland Perkele (Osmose 1994)***, Latex Cult (Osmose 1996)***, Rapture (Osmose 1998)***, Nihil (Osmose 2000)****, Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace (Osmose 2001)****, All That You Fear (Osmose 2003)***.

Decade Of Decadence (Osmose 2000)****.

Karmakeddon Warriors (Osmose 1996).

Source: Encyclopedia of Popular Music

Music Albums

Latex Cult
Osmose Productions

Tol Cormpt Norz Norz
Osmose Productions

Suomi Finland Parkele
Osmose Productions

Osmose Productions

Decade Of Decadence
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Osmose Productions

Suomi Finland Perkele/Motorpenis
Osmose Productions

Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace
Osmose Productions

All That You Fear *
The End Records

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