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Blameless - Music Artist Band Bio


Formed in Sheffield, England, the indie band Blameless do not cite run-of-the-mill influences. Pixies and the Velvet Underground are ignored in interviews in favour of Hall And Oates and Don McLean: "We haven't got a chirpy cockney accent or bouncy numbers, we have good songs and genuine music." Consisting of Jared Daley (vocals), Jason (bass) and Jon (drums), they nevertheless maintain a musical intensity that distinguishes them from the recordings of heroes such as the Police. They first came to the attention of the UK press when they released "Signs" for the Rough Trade Records singles cluBorn China Records A&R man Paul Weighell remembered their first gig at the Falcon as being "like an A&R convention". This was primarily caused by the circulation of strong demo tapes. They made their debut for China with "Town Clowns", before "Don't Say You're Sorry" in February 1995. These and the debut album were produced in Boston by American Paul Q. Kolderie, who had previously worked with Dinosaur Jr, Hole and Radiohead. Daley later said, "When China said we were going to Boston, we thought they meant Boston, Lincolnshire." In the wake of its release came comparisons to everybody from Pearl Jam to the Wonder Stuff, the music covering a wide territory from fast indie rock to balladeering.

The Signs Are All There (China 1995)***.

Source: Encyclopedia of Popular Music

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The Signs Are All There

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