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Easter Brothers - Music Artist Band Bio


A country and gospel group formed in 1953, consisting of Russell Easter (Born Russell Lee Easter, 22 April 1930, Mount Airy, North Carolina, USA; banjo, guitar, vocals), James Easter (Born James Madison Easter, 24 April 1933, Mount Airy, North Carolina, USA; guitar, mandolin, vocals) and Ed Easter (Born Edward Franklin Easter, 28 March 1934, Mount Airy, North Carolina, USA; mandolin, banjo, vocals). They grew up greatly influenced by bluegrass music, in particular that of a gospel nature. Russell Easter first formed a band in 1947, and was later joined by his siblings. In 1953, with one other musician, they began to perform as the Green Valley Quartet and regularly played stations in Mount Airy and Danville. Turning more and more to bluegrass gospel music, they built their reputation throughout the 60s, playing various radio and television programmes. In 1960, they recorded for both Commandant and King. In 1968, when they recorded an acoustic album for County, the group (by then the Easter Brothers And The Green Valley Quartet) also included Russell Jnr. (banjo, dobro, guitar). During the 70s and 80s, they recorded albums for Old Homestead, Life Line and Morningstar. James's son Jeff played harmonica with the group for a time but eventually left to work as a duo with his wife Sheri (a relative of the Lewis Family) and in more recent years, a third generation Easter, namely Russell's grandson Jason, has played bass with the group.

as the Easter Brothers I've Been Touched (Commandment 60s)****; as the Easter Brothers And The Green Valley Quartet The Bible On The Table (Troy 60s)**, Let Me Stand Lord (Commandment 1965)***, Lord I Will (Commandment 1966)***, 14 Songs Of Faith (Commandment 1967)***, Bluegrass & Country Hymns (Stark 1967)***, Country Hymn Time (Commandment 1967)***, The Easter Brothers & The Green Valley Quartet (County 1968)***, From Earth To Gloryland (Commandment 1969)***, He's Everything I Need (Commandment 1970)***, Just Another Hill (Commandment 1972)***, Don't Overlook Your Blessings (Mission 1974)***, Hold On (Old Homestead 1976)***, The Easter Brothers In Nashville (Mission 70s)***, Coming Home (Mayberry 70s)***, I'm Holding To His Hand (QCA 70s)***, We're Going Home (QCA 70s)***, He's The Rock I'm Leaning On (Morningstar 1981)***, I Feel Like Travelling On (Rebel 1981)***, Songs About Mama (Life Line 1981)***, Almost Home (Rebel 1982)***, The Easter Brothers (Life Line 1983)***, Hereafter (Life Line 1984)**, Tribute To Reno & Smiley (Rebel 1985)***.

Early Sessions 1960-1961 (Rebel 1984)****, They're Holding Up The Ladder (Rebel 2004)***.

Source: Encyclopedia of Popular Music

Music Albums

Almost Home [Cassette]

Tribute To Reno & Smiley [Cassette]

Early Sessions [Cassette]

I Feel Like Travelling [Cassette]

Heart & Soul

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Thoroughbred Records

They're Holding Up The Ladder

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