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Dread Zone - Music Artist Band Bio


This multi-faceted UK dub outfit is essentially a vehicle for Greg Roberts and Leo Williams (both ex-Big Audio Dynamite) who have been joined at various times by Dan Donovan, Tim and Chris Bran. Dreadzone's sound is particularly unique as at different times it mixes dub with elements of techno, trance, pop and folk music. Of the three albums Second Light captures their varied sound best, notably the folk-influenced melodies and bouncy grooves of "Captain Dread" and "Little Britain", and the trancey "One Way" and "Zion Youth". On "A Canterbury Tale' they create a lush more ambient track, blending synthesized textures with acoustic sounds such as oboe, violin, piano and a female voice. Much of their work is flavoured with samples of dialogue from cult B-movies. However their real strength seems to lie in their singles and remixes where they venture into a variety of dance music styles to great effect without losing their identity " "Life, Love And Unity" (1996) included excellent dub-techno, drum 'n' bass and straight-ahead techno-trance versions of the track. Perhaps their best work is on the Maximum EP (1995). The first track "Fight The Power" which was written in opposition to the Criminal Justice Bill's legislation on parties blends the dub lines with drum 'n' bass tendencies, four-on-the-floor style techno, rock guitar and a sample from the Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right To Party". The energetic live drums on the final track "Maximum" which was recorded for a John Peel session highlight the band's versatility further.

360° (Creation 1993)***, Second Light (Virgin 1995)****, Biological Radio (Virgin 1997)**, Sound (Ruff Life 2001)***.

The Radio One Sessions (Strange Fruit 2001)***.

Source: Encyclopedia of Popular Music

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