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Hal Ketchum - Music Artist Band Bio


Born Hal Michael Ketchum, 9 April 1953, Greenwich, New York City, New York, USA. Ketchum credits his early influences as Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and Marty Robbins, but he was equally inspired by the novels of John Steinbeck. His early musical career included playing drums for an R&B band and guitar in a blues outfit. He then began to establish himself as a singer and songwriter, appearing at the Kerrville Folk Festival. In 1987, he recorded his self-produced, first album as Hal Michael Ketchum, which was initially only released in cassette form. In 1989, it was reissued on CD by the German Sawdust label. In 1991, Ketchum joined Curb Records where, with his grey hair, he could hardly be marketed as a new country act. Past The Point Of Rescue, however, produced the US country chart hits "Small Town Saturday Night", "Past The Point Of Rescue" and "Somebody's Love". His producer, Allen Reynolds, wrote the Vogues' 1965 US hit "Five O'Clock World", and Ketchum worked up a new version of the song. Sure Love was a confident second album, including tributes to his working class roots in "Mama Knows The Highway" and "Daddy's Oldsmobile". He made a cameo appearance in the movie Maverick singing "Amazing Grace', and became a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 1994. His finest album to date, 1997"s Hal Yes, was produced by Stephen Bruton. He says, "I have a two hundred song catalogue which is, by Nashville standards, not a lot." Ketchum also paints and writes children's stories, should his two-hundred song catalogue prove insufficient.

Threadbare Alibi (Watermelon 1989)***, Past The Point Of Rescue (Curb 1991)***, Sure Love (Curb 1992)***, Every Little Word (Curb/Hit 1994)***, Hal Yes (Curb/Hit 1997)****, I Saw The Light (Curb 1998)***, Awaiting Redemption (Curb 1999)****, Lucky Man (Curb 2001)***, The King Of Love (Curb 2002)**.

The Hits (Curb 1996)****.

Maverick (1994).

Source: Encyclopedia of Popular Music

Music Albums

Past The Point Of Rescue
Curb Records

Sure Love
Curb Records

Threadbare Alibis [Cassette]

Every Little Word
Curb Records

The Hits

I Saw The Light
Curb Records

Awaiting Redemption
Curb Records

Lucky Man
Curb Records

King Of Love *
Curb Records

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