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New Jersey four-piece comprising Marc Sherman (Born c.1974, aka The Rapper Extraordinaire), Ewarner "E" Mills (Born c.1974), Hakim "HB" Bell (Born c.1975) and Lincoln "Link" DeVulgt (Born Virgin Islands) whose sound encompasses reggae and R&B, with the uniting structure of hip hop rhythms. Their initials stand for Point Of View. Within their line-up stands not only a conventional rapper, but also one (Link) who takes a reggae/dancehall DJ approach. They made their debut with "Anutha Luv", under the tutelage of Hakim Abdulsamad (the Boys etc.). But it was Michael Bennet who decided to take the group to Jamaica, recording the sweet "Summer Nights" single at his Kingston studio. They boast of distinguished parentage too; bandleader Hakim "HB" Bell is the son of Robert "Kool" Bell, of Kool And The Gang fame, who served as co-executive producer on their debut album. This comprised two quite distinct sides. The first, the "Beat U Up" side, was formulated by uptempo dance and swing material, while the second, "Beat U Down", offered Link's dancehall chants and Sherman's hip hop verses set to the impressive soulful harmonising of the whole group. It included their duet with Jade, "All Thru The Nite". Their backgrounds (Sherman's father is an import/export director) have disabused them of any naivety about the music business, and each member owns their own separate publishing company. Hakim is also responsible for HB Productions, which handled (in tandem with Robert Bell) backroom duties on the band's debut album.

Handing' Out Beatdowns (Giant/RCA 1993)***.

Source: Encyclopedia of Popular Music

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Handin' Out Beatdowns

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