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·Back On Earth Tab
·Barck At The Moon Tab
·Bark At The Moon Tab
·Bark At The Moon Tab
·Bark At The Moon Tab
·Believer Tab
·Bloodbath In Paradise Tab
·Center Of Eternity Tab
·Close My Eyes Forever Tab
·Crazy Babies Tab
·Crazy Train Tab
·Crazy Train Tab
·Crazy Train Tab
·Dee Tab
·Dee Tab
·Demon Alcohol Tab
·Denial Tab
·Desire Tab
·Diary Of A Madman Tab
·Facing Hell Tab
·Fire In The Sky Tab
·Flying High Again Tab
·Gets Me Through Tab
·Gets Me Through Tab
·Gets Me Trough Tab
·Good By To Romance Tab
·Goodbye To Romance Tab
·I Dont Want To Change The World Tab
·Iron Man/children Of The Grave Tab
·Junkie Tab
·Killer Of Giants Tab
·Killer Of Giants Tab
·Little Dolls Tab
·Mama I Am Coming Home Tab
·Miracle Man Tab
·Mr Crowley Tab
·Mr. Crowley Tab
·Mr. Crowley Tribute Version Tab
·My Jekyll Doesnt Hide Tab
·No More Tears Tab
·Now You See It Tab
·Old L A Tonight Tab
·Old La Tonight Tab
·One Up The B-side Tab
·Ozzy Crazy Train Tab
·Paranoid Tab
·Perry Mason Tab
·Perry Mason Tab
·Revelation Tab
·Road To Nowhere Tab
·Rock In Roll Rebal Tab
·S A T O Tab
·Search Tab
·Secret Loser Tab
·See You On The Other Side Tab
·Shot In The Dark Tab
·Suicide Solution Tab
·Symptom Of The Univrse Tab
·Tears Tab
·The Ultimate Sin Tab
·Thunder Underground Tab
·Waiting For Darkness Tab

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