.MUSIC Community-Based Mission Statement & Core Values*

*Refer to DotMusic's .MUSIC Purpose and Domain Registration Policies

The .MUSIC Community Mission/Purpose is:

DotMusic will consult with the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) and ICANN's Government Advisory Committe (GAC) in regards to the Arts.Music and Culture Fund initiative to develop a process to distribute proceeds from its domain name registrations to government agencies and arts councils that support its mission, core values and objectives.


.MUSIC Community-Based TLD

A "community-based" TLD is given priority over an "open" TLD by ICANN, the governing body that delegates new top-level domains. Criteria defined by ICANN need to be met to be granted "community" status. Criteria include representing the majority of the Music Community, not creating material harm to the legitimate interests of rights of the Community, community establishment, nexus, and registration policies. The .MUSIC community-based TLD has support from the majority of the Music Community as delineated by DotMusic.

.MUSIC Benefits for Music Community & Industry

The .MUSIC top-level domain (TLD) is:

While .COM is considered the most popular domain in regards to domain registrations, it fails to effectively address the key online usage issues of safety, trust, consistency, brand recognition as well as communicate a website's content subject-matter.

An example of an extension that transcends .COM is the .EDU top-level domain. The .EDU clearly communicates the content subject-matter and symbolizes a trusted, industry standard for official educational institution websites that Internet users can rely on.

The .MUSIC extension will follow the footsteps of .EDU and launch a safe, trusted, organized, consistent, branded and easily recognizable top-level domain that will be the industry standard for official music websites. All music constituents will be able to claim their .MUSIC domain during the Sunrise Trademark Period or be able to register their .MUSIC domain through traditional registrars or an accredited music Community Member Organization (mCMO™).

.MUSIC Community Member Organizations (mCMO™)

Music Community Member Organizations (mCMOs) will be given priority in the second phase of the .MUSIC launch process following the Sunrise phase where trademark owners can claim their domains. mCMOs are definined as recognized music organizations with members fulfilling clear, formal membership criteria involved in the promotion and distribution of music. mCMOs are invite-only. To be considered for mCMO accreditation, please email us at community @ music.us

.MUSIC Registration Policies to Prevent Malicious Behavior

The .MUSIC TLD will incorporate protective policies that surpass ICANN standard registry requirements. Policies are focused on outlawing piracy and preventing trademark infringement and other malicious conduct. By creating a safe haven and a trusted Internet zone for the music community, .MUSIC will assure music consumers that their monies, or any personal information they elect to provide, end up in the hands of the artist and the music community, not a pirate or an unlicensed website.

The .MUSIC objective is creating value for the music community. By making a difference that matters, .MUSIC will serve the music community and help create a legitimate ecosystem that benefits both artists and consumers.

.MUSIC Symbolizes Transparency, Participation & Trust

The .MUSIC (dotMusic) Initiative has been public since the announcement of ICANN to introduce new top-level domains. The .MUSIC Domain Initiative has been the most active new TLD prospect in terms of communication outreach and at-large support. We have been active participants and contributors at ICANN meetings in regards to new TLD policy-making and community establishment. This development is focused on a transparent multi-stakeholder governance model that is based on fair representation of both commercial and non-commercial constituents irrespective of size or locale.


.MUSIC Multi-Stakeholder Governance

The .MUSIC rotating, all-inclusive, global multi-stakeholder governance will not only represent the interests of all constituents but will also ensure any policy incorporated is consistent with the .MUSIC Use Policy and Mission/Purpose benefitting a multi-stakeholder model of neutral, equal  and fair representation deterring anti-trust/anti-competitive practices. .MUSIC will be run in an all-inclusive manner serving the global Community as a critical public resource benefitting and empowering all constituents in a non-discriminatory and fair manner irrespective of size, locale or commercial/non-commercial status.

The .MUSIC Governance Structure will be composed of 15 constituent types:

  1. Government (IFACCA)
  2. Education
  3. Artists
  4. Songwriters
  5. Non-commercial
  6. Music labels (major and independent)
  7. Music publishers (major and independent)
  8. Music managers
  9. Music agents
  10. Music promoters
  11. Business/Music professionals
  12. Collection agencies
  13. Music unions
  14. Music Digital/Technology
  15. TLD Registry

Trust, accountability and transparency are central to our mission statement and consistent with .MUSIC's Initiative to launch a true, community-based top-level domain for music that symbolizes:













































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