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Zzounds is an online musical instrument merchant. Top rated by many price comparison companies, Zounds has been a shopping destination for over 300,000 musicians and avid music equipment buyers. Friend referrals and recurring customers is one of the highest in the industry. Buy music instruments with:

  • Lowest Price Guarantee - If you see a lower price anywhere else, they'll beat it.
  • 30-day Lowest Price Protection - If you see a lower price within 30 days of your purchase, they'll refund the difference.
  • Spy Reports - Allows you to report having seen a lower price on a specific product.
  • Low Shipping Costs and FREE shipping on many items
  • No Sales Tax Collected (except NJ)

Based on "Overall" consumer rating, zZounds consistently outscores its most frequently shopped competitors and were recognized with the prestigious "Circle of Excellence Award". Over 3000 quality, consumer-rated online merchants from the BizRate Shopping Search Engine were considered for the awards, based on the direct feedback, collected at the point-of-sale and after delivery of goods, from customers concerning seven key satisfaction metrics including: Overall Satisfaction, Product Selection, Ease of Finding Products, Repurchase Intent, Product Met Expectations, On-time Delivery and Customer Support for the Zzound online shop.

Musical instruments offered by zzounds .com include guitars, guitar amps, bass, drums and percussion kits/sets, keyboards, pro audio recording gear, DJ equipment plus many more. Z Zounds brands include Abilene, Ableton, Access, Adamas, Aearo, Ahead, Akai, AKG, Alesis, Allen and Heath, American DJ, Ampeg, Ampex, Antares, Anvil, AP Audio, Aphex, Applause by Ovation, Applem Applied Acoustics, ART, Arturia, Ashdown, Ashly, Atlas, Atomic, Audio Technica, Audio Warrior, Audiotrak, Audix, Auralex, Avalon, Backline, BASF, BBE, BC Rich, Beato, Behringer, Bellari, Belmonte, Best Service, BIAS, Big Bends, Big Heart Slides, Bigga Giggas, BLUE, Blue Chip, Boomerang, Boss, Breedlove, Brian Moore, Broadjam, Budda, Bullet Cable, Burns USA, CAD, Cakewalk, Carl Martin, Casio, CB Drums, CBI, Celestion, Charvel, Chauvet, Clavia DDrum, Clavia Nord, Cleartone, Community, Conexant, Connections, Conquest, Contour, Cordlox, Countryman, Cover Your Axe, Crate, Creative, Crest Audio, Crown, D'Addario, Daisy Rock, Dan Dean Productions, Danelectro, Dave Smith, DBX, Dean, Dean Markley, Denon, Digidesign, DigiTech, DiMarzio, Dixon, DOD, DR Strings, Dr. Ferd's, Drawmer, Drive, Drum Workshop, DSound, Dunlop, Eagle Mountain, East West, Ebtech, Echo, Eden, Edirol, Edward Van Halen, Elation, Electro-Harmonix, Electro-Voice, Elixir, Emedia, Eminence, Emma, Empirical Labs, Emu, Ernie Ball, ESP, ETA Systems, Evans, Event, Eventide, Everly Music, Evolution, EZ-Dupe, Fender, Fernandes, Fishman, Floyd Rose, Focusrite, Fostex, Frontier Designs, Furman, FXpansion, G-Force, G7th, Galaxy Audio, Garritan, Gator, Gemini, Genz-Benz, George L, GHS, Gibraltar, Glaresoft, Glider, Global Audio by CAD, Glyph, GML, Godin, Godlyke, Gorilla, Gorilla Snot, Gretsch, Groove Tubes, Grundorf, Guild, Guyatone, Hafler, Hal Leonard, Hammond, Hao, Harptone, Hartke, Heet Sound, Heil Sound, Herco, Hercules, HHB, Hiwatt, Hohner, Hosa, HQ Percussion, Hughes & Kettner, Humfree, Ibanez, IK Multimedia, Ion Audio, Izotope, Jackson, Jambone, Jasmine by Takamine, Jay Turser, JBL, JL Cooper, JOE MEEK, Juice Goose, Kable Keepers, Kaces, Kerly Music, Konig & Meyer, Korg, KRK, Kurzweil, Kustom, Kyser, LaBella, Lange, Latin Percussion, Lexicon, Line 6, LinPlug, Logo America, LR Baggs, Lucid, Ludwig, Lumineze, Lynx Studio Technology, M-Audio, Mackie, Mapex, Marantz, Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU), Marshall, Marshall Electronics, Martin, Massenburg DesignWorks, Maxon, McDSP, Meinl, Metrophones, Michael Kelly, Microboards, Middle Atlantic, MKS Professional, Mogami, Monster Cable, Moog Music, Morley, Motion Sound, Mountain Rythym, MSI, Mullard, Music People, Mutec, Mutron, MVP, MXR, Nady, National, Native Instruments, Nemesis by Eden, Neumann, Neutrik, Nobels, Nomad Factory, Numark, Off The Wall, OLP, On-Stage, Ortofon, Ovation, Paiste, Parker, Pearl, Peavey, Perri's Leathers, Peterson, PG Music, Philips, Phonic, Pignose, Pintech, Pioneer, Planet Waves, Post Musical Instruments, PreSonus, Prime, Pro-Mark, Proco, Proel, Propellerhead, QSC, Quik, Lok, Qwik Tune, Radial, Rain Recording, Randall, Rane, Raxxess, Re'an, Reel Drums, Remo, RFX, Rhythm Band, Rhythm Tech, Rickenbacker, Ritter, RME, Roadie Rench, Roche Thomas, Rock-N-Roller, Rockman, RockStand, Rocktron, RODE, Rodriguez, Roger Linn, Rok Sak, Roland, Rolls, Rotosound, Ruff Grip, Sabian, Sabine, Samick, Samson, Schaller, Schecter, SE Electronics, Secrets of the Pros, Seiko, Sennheiser, Session, Seymour Duncan, Shubb, Shure, Sibelius, Signal Flex, Silvertone, SKB, SM Pro Audio, Snarling Dogs, Sonic Implants, Sonor, Sony, SoundGraph, SoundTech, Soundtoys, SoundTrek, Spectraflex, Spectrasonics, Spirit by Soundcraft, Squier, ST Audio, Stanton, Steinberg, Studio Electronics, Studio Projects, Studiologic by Fatar, Submersible Music, Superscope, Svetlana, SwirlyGig, Switch, SWR, Synthogy, T-Rex, Takamine, Tama, Tannoy, Tapco by Mackie, Tascam, Taylor, TC Electronic, TDK, Tech 21, Telex, Terratec, THD, Toca, Tone, Traben, Traveler Guitars, Traynor, Truetone, Tung-Sol, Ueberschall, Ultimate Sound Bank, Ultimate Support, Ultra, Unbranded, Universal Audio, URS, Vestax, Vic Firth, Vinci, Visiosonic, Visual Sound, Vocal Power Institute, Voodoo Lab, Vox, Wallacher, Warner Brothers, Warwick, Washburn, Waves, Wharfedale, Whirlwind, Wirething, Wizoo, Yamaha, Yellow Tools, Zero G, Zildjian, Zoom at zounds com plus many more brand manufacturers.

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